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          • Storage Cage

            Storage Cage, with storage capacity of a fixed, stacked neatly and easy stock inventory advantages, improves the effective utilization of storage space. In addition, it is durable, convenient transportation and reused, so that it can reduce the human consumption and packaging cost. This product not only for manufactory production equipment, but also can be used as awarehousing and sales display in supermarket. Improved storage cage can be put on the shelf, assembly line, but also the stacking. Storage cage on wheels can be convenient in the workshop, and storage cage with PVC board or iron can prevent small pieces missing.
            The features:
            1. Adopted the high-quality steel, hardenned by cold-rolled welding, high intensity and large loading capacity.
            2. Unified specification, fixed capacity, storage of goods at a glance, easy-to-stock inventory.
            3. zinc-plated on surface, beautiful and oxidation resistance, long service life.
            4. Adopt international standards, complete with container use, improving space utilization.
            5. Can be stacked four floors with each other, to achieve three-dimensional storage.
            6.Surface treatment of environmental protection, health immunization, turnover, and recoverable, not polluting the environment.
            7. work efficiently with forklifts, cranes and other equipments.
            8. Folding structure, low cost recovery, the alternative of wood packaging.

            9.As with wheels on the bottom, the cage can be turned much convinently.

            Turnover Box

            Turnover box, also called logistics boxis widely used in machinery, automobile, home appliances, light industry, electronics and other industries, can acid-alkali resistance, oil, non-toxic tasteless, also can be used in full bloom food, easy clean and convenient working parts, stacking neat, easy to manage. The kind of racks with reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for factory logistics transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing sectors. Turnover box can match with a variety of containers and station devices logistics coordination for all kinds of warehouses, production sites and other occasions. Today logistics management becoming increasingly important to the large number of enterprises, turnover box becomes an essential of production and circulation enterprises to modernize logistics management, which helps with logistics containers of universal, integrated management. According to the performance, turnover box can be mainly classified into pushed turnover box, pluggable turnover box, foldable turnover box, and Wintop turnover box.


            Transport equipment (vehicles), to a more secure manner, lifting and moving loads.
             Stackers mainly have three as bellows:
                1. Manual Hydraulic Stacker (not accompanied by any power plant, relies entirely on the human push and pull movements, turnover radius, lifting by efforts).
                2. Semi-Electric Stacker (with hydraulic unit, lift electronic control unit and the door frame, human push and pull around the steering, electric lift, small working radius, flexible and convenient).
                3. All Electric Stacker (self-propelled power up, easy to use, fast).
                Stacker structure is simple, flexible manipulation, micro and high safety for explosion-proof. Suitable to a narrow channel and limited space operations, is ideal workshop equipment for the elevated storage, loading and unloading pallets in workshop. And also it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, military, paints, pigments, coal and other industries, as well as ports, railways, freight yards, warehouses containing explosive mixture, loading, unloading, stacking and handling operations. With the company's Xilin electric forklift operation, forklift can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and won the market competition opportunities for company.
                Main features:
                1. With a high degree of stability.
                2. Low noise, no pollution, low failure rate.
                3. The door frame before and after moved, small turning radius.
                4. Lifting height high, suitable for high stacking

            Other logistics equipments
          • Tool Shelf Ladder Cart Plastic Spare Part Box
          • Supermarket Shopping Cart Forklift Truck Hydraulic Forklift
          • Wooden Pallet Steel Pallet Plastic Pallet
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